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Benefits and Installations of Peach Post Fence

Jul. 28, 2022

Peach post fence, as the name suggests, resembles a peach in appearance. Peach pillar is made of mild steel or hot-rolled steel pipe, and then cold-rolled and formed into peach pillar. The outer surface of the peach column is oval, and the inner piece is connected and bent outward to form a U-shaped hook part. Both sides of the peach column are equipped with a number of slots to facilitate the installation of metal fence panels. The slot size should be based on the fence panel grid size. In addition, the hook part is tightly structured to prevent theft of peach posts and fence panels.


Benefits and Installations of Peach Post Fence

Advantages of peach post

High strength

High quality low carbon steel or hot rolled steel has high tensile strength, which can withstand high wind and external impact.

Corrosion resistance

Whether galvanized, PVC coated or powder coated, it can provide excellent corrosion and rust resistance for peach posts.

Various colors

PVC coating and powder coating can be made in any color based on RAL color to suit more applications and blend with the surrounding environment, making the peach pillar beautiful and colorful.


U-shaped clips are bent on the inside of the peach posts, leaving little room for thieves to peek in when the wire mesh panels are installed on the posts, protecting the fence posts and metal fence panels.

Simple structure

No clips or bolts and nuts are needed to install the wire mesh fence panels. Therefore installation is simple and quick.

Weather resistance. Peach post rain cap can prevent rain and snow from corroding the inner surface of the peach post. Excellent coating can help peach posts withstand weather corrosion.


Benefits and Installations of Peach Post Fence

Peach Post Installation

Other wire mesh fence posts, such as columns, square posts and star posts, will be pre-installed with all posts and then the metal fence panels will be fixed to the fence posts. The steps for installing peach posts are different from them.

You should prepare pliers, wire mesh panels and fence posts.

Secure a peach post to the ground. You can embed the peach post in dirt, concrete or bolt it to concrete or other hard ground. It all depends on the specific application.

Cut the grid along the peach posts to match all fence panels to the posts.

Attach the other side of the fence panel to the other peach post.

Secure the peach posts to the ground.

Attach another fence panel to the peach post. One after another until all fences and peach posts are installed.


Benefits and Installations of Peach Post Fence


Surface treatment

The surface treatment of the fence is mainly divided into four methods: cold galvanizing, hot galvanizing, spraying and dipping.

Cold galvanizing

It is the more basic treatment method of wire mesh surface treatment. Its role is to remove the rust on the surface of the wire. But the life span is relatively short. It will rust in a short time.

Hot-dip galvanizing

Compared with cold galvanizing, hot dip galvanizing has a longer life span. It will not rust at all.

Spraying plastic

Plastic spraying is electrostatic spraying treatment on the surface of metal wire. The thickness is about 0.3 mm. It serves to block the contact between the surface of the wire and the outside world to avoid rust or corrosion. The service life is slightly longer than that of cold galvanizing. Generally peach-shaped columns are treated with plastic spraying.


The thickness of dip is about 0.8 mm. In general, dip coating is a more common and cost-effective surface treatment method. If the wire is hot-dip galvanized and then dip coated, it is a longer life product.


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