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Gabion Boxes - Applications, Advantages, and Maintenance

Nov. 09, 2022

A gabion box is a porous type of structure that can sometimes be planted with vegetation. Gabion boxes are filled with stacked rocks that form a gravity wall. Gabions are considered to be a "hard" structural solution with minimal habitat and aesthetic value.


Gabion Boxes - Applications, Advantages, and Maintenance


Gabion Boxes



Common applications of gabions are as follows.



1. Gabions are used at the soil-water interface to slow down concentrated runoff or to stabilize slopes with seepage problems and/or non-cohesive soils.
2. Gabions are used on slopes that are steeper than rock throwing and are sometimes the only viable option for stabilizing areas that do not have enough space to accommodate "softer" vegetation solutions.
3. Gabion boxes are used to prevent possible rock and stone falls on road and railroad surfaces and to maintain the stability of slopes close to highways and railroads.
4. Gabion boxes are used for retaining structures such as retaining walls, revetments, and the walls to road embankments and rock chips. Combined with geo-grid reinforcement to improve embankment soil strength.
5. Gabion boxes are also used as temporary flood walls. Used to redirect the forces of floodwaters around weak structures.
6. Gabion boxes are used in erosion-proof structures such as seawalls, riverbank defenses, canal banks, dams, weirs, and breakwaters, and for protecting reservoirs and lakesides.
7. Gabion boxes can also be used as noise barriers.


Advantages of mutual stacking



1. Easy to operate


Gabion boxes provide an easy-to-use method to reduce water velocity and protect slopes from erosion.


2. Durability


Gabion boxes have a very high resistance to atmospheric corrosion because the zinc coating on the wire is well-bonded and can support vegetation growth. Efficiency loss.


3. Robustness


The gabion box is strong because it can resist floods, flash floods, and ice and soil pressure.


4. Flexibility


When encountering unstable ground and flowing water, gabion box can settle and deform without failure and


5. Water Permeability


The gabion box drains well, providing automatic and simple drainage without the need to install drainage pipes.


6. Environmentally friendly


Gabion elements are not affected by natural phenomena. Recycled materials can be placed in the gabion cage. The soil gaps between the fill materials allow plantations to grow over time.


7. Economic benefits


Gabion boxes are more economical in terms of materials and labor.


Gabion Boxes


Gabion Boxes



Maintenance guidelines



Gabions should be inspected regularly, especially after each major storm event.


All temporary and permanent erosion and sediment control measures should be maintained and repaired as needed to ensure the continued performance of their intended function.


All maintenance and repairs are performed in accordance with approved manuals.


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