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What is the Hesco Barrier?

Explosion-proof cages, also known as Hesco Barrier, Blast Nets, Blast Walls, And Hersco Forts, are an important form of protection in modern warfare, consisting of a foldable wire mesh container and a heavy non-woven geotextile padding that can serve as a semi-permanent military base to thwart explosions or small arms attacks. Widely used by United Nations peacekeepers.

Technical parameters of Hesco bastion

Hesco bastion material: using mild steel wire (Q195, Q235) or Galfan wire (Galfan wire)

1) wire diameter: 4mm, 5mm

2) mesh: 76.2x76.2mm

3) spring: 4mm

4) geotextile: 2mm thick, khaki/green, depending on the environment. 5) Surface treatment: first welded after electrogalvanizing, first welded after hot-dip galvanizing, Golfan silk.

The Hescoe Defensive Barrier can be used:

1.Defensive Wall

2.Forward Operating Base

3.Accommodation Bunker

4.Perimeter Security

5.Explosion and Bullet Protection

6.Command and Control Center

7.Training And Shooting Ranges

8.Military Compound

9.Ammunition Storage

10.Explosion Crossing

11.Vehicle Checkpoint

12.Hostile Vehicle Mitigation

Our hesco barriers are a reliable, easy-to-deploy and powerful solution for emergency flood protection. Contact us with We offer Hesco Barrier products to protect homes, keep critical infrastructure running, and keep emergency service routes open during seasonal floods, tropical storms and hurricanes.

Characteristics of Hesco Barriers for Sale

1.The metal wire mesh container is made of high-carbon steel wire, welded by a special welding process, and its yield, welding strength and other indicators greatly improve the surface treatment using hot-dip galvanized or zinc aluminum alloy process to greatly improve the corrosion resistance.

2. The heavy-duty non-woven geotextile liner used in Hesco Barriers have flame retardant and UV resistance properties, which greatly improves the safety and service life of transportation, installation, use, process.

3. The color of The Hesco's barrier is generally beige or army green.

4. Simple to use, easy to operate, can resist explosion and ballistic threats, terrorist attacks, and protect personnel from explosions and projectiles.

5. Can be assembled faster with minimal manpower, handling equipment and filler materials. It only takes 20 minutes to complete. If sandbags were used, the same wall would take eight people eight hours to build and would require three times as much padding.

How much fill is in a Hesco barrier?

In practical use, the filling material can be sourced locally, especially in the desert Gobi where stone is scarce. With the help of advanced tools such as excavators and forklifts, installation is quick and can quickly form a solid barbed wire protective wall, which is widely used in modern warfare because of its simple installation, foldable and easy handling.

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