Field Fence

Field Fence also called Grassland Fence, Cattle Fence, Kraal Network Fence, Field Fence is widely used in America and Europe.


Product Description

1. Field fence also called farm fence,cattle fence,deer fence,animal fence,livestock fence.

2. Knot joint is available in different types;offer high strenth and tensile strenth.

3. Wire thickness for top and bottow ranged from 2.0 to 3.5mm,and inner wire ranged from 1.8 to 2.5mm.

4. High strenth galvanized steel wire be used for the fabrication and the horizontal wire can be crimped to enhance the elasticity and burring funcation.

5. Reference OD of rolls for 50m to 100m:(23cm-43cm)

6. Sometimes,extra barbed wire 1,2 or 3 lines wii be considered to put on top of the field fence.

7. Reference Standard:ASTMA116,BS1722-2,EN10223-5

Type AType B
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Detail  Specification
735-6-330'735"6"141 IbsHog
842-6-330'842"6"157 IbsCattle,Hog
842-12-330'842"12"110 IbsCattle,Goat,Sheep
842-12-660'842"12"220 IbsCattle,Goat,Sheep
949-6-330'949"6"182 IbsCattle,Hog
949-12-660'949"12"257 IbsCattle,Goat,Sheep
1348-6-330'1348"6"234 IbsCattle,Hog
1348-12-330'1348"12"168 IbsCattle,Goat,Hog,Sheep
1348-12-660'1348"12"336 IbsCattle,Goat,Hog,Sheep
1561-3-200'1561"3"280 IbsCattle,Goat,Hog,Sheep
1348-3-200'1348"3"233 IbsCattle,Goat,Hog,Sheep
1561-6-330'1561"6"279 IbsCattle,Hog
2096-6-330'2096"6"396 IbsDeer
2096-12-330'2096"12"282 IbsDeer
2096-3-165'2096"3"2340 IbsCattle,Deer,Hog
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