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Anti Climb Fence

High Security Fence, also called 358 fence, which is well-known as anti-climb and anti-cut fence. Perfectly suited to high security applications, like military, airport, prison,warehouse, factory etc.


Product Description


What is anti climb fence?

Anti-climb fence is a security mesh product that effectively delays and deters attacks, and the spacing of the mesh makes it impossible for fingers and toes to pass through.

As a specialist of anti-climbing fence mesh in China, our products are widely used in various industries, welcome to contact us.

Clearvu Fence Features & Benefits

1. Elegance, Excellent Vision through fence

2. Durability, Maintenance free, Extremely strong & rigid structural

3. Resistant/Resistance to cutting by light weight hand tools

4. Anti-climb design/anti rust, Easy Installation


Anti Climb Fence


Anti-Climb Fencing Applications

1. Prisons, Military base, Power plants, Oil refineries, Airport terminal

2. Telecommunication & utilities substations, Financial center & Complex

3. Car park, Landscaping, Factories, wire houses and industrial sites

4. Supermarkets and hypermarkets, playgrounds and amusement parks

5. Gated communities, apartments and condominiums


Anti Climb Fencing Specification

Anti-Climb Fence
Fence Model Height Range of Fence (mm) Width Range of Panel (mm) Wire Dia. Range (mm) Mesh Opening (mm) Post Size Type (mm)
358 fence Anti-climb fence 800-2500 2000-3100 3.0-5.0 12.5*75 Square Post: 60*60, 70*70, 80*80
12.6*76.2 C Post: 60*80
25*75 H Post: 44*100
Popular Panel Size 1800*2400 2100*2400 2400*2400 2475*3100 2200*2800
Popular Post Size 60*60*2.0thk 60*80*2.0thk 60*60*2.2thk 60*60*2.5thk 60*80*2.2thk
Surface Treatment 1. Black wire welded then hot-dipped galvanized only
2. Galvanized wire and Electrostatic polyester powder coated
3. Galvanized with then PVC coated


Anti-Climb Fencing FAQs

1. Anti-Climb Fence: Everything You Wanted to Know

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