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3D wire mesh fence

3D wire fence panels are becoming more and more popular for private residence, gardens, parks, sport area and industrial use.


Product Description

Product Description

3D wire mesh fence is made with galvanized wire and with "V" folding design for anti-climbing. Appropriate bending creates the unique aesthetic effect of this product.

Optional fence installation method: (optional) directly buried installation on a low wall or cement floor. Install safety accessories through flanges (optional) according to site safety protection requirements, the fence can be equipped with elbows, barbed wire, etc.

Product Features

•Easy Installation

•Cost effective

•Durable, corrosion resistance, Galvanized wire then PVC coated

•Different colors available according to customers’ special requirements. RAL 6005, 7016, etc

•Different post available

•anti-climbing, high strength, strong protection ability


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