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Why Should You Choose Galvanized Window Screens?

Sep. 08, 2022

Many people struggle with the choice of window screens during renovations, wondering which screen is more suitable for them. I wonder if you have heard of galvanized window screens? Here Zerun will introduce you to galvanized window screens.


How are galvanized screens made?


Galvanized window screens are made of woven wire. Like other wire screens, they are woven in a plain weave. The only difference in the weave of galvanized window screens is the galvanization. One is galvanized before woven, and the other is woven before galvanized. The one that people ask about most is the one that has good corrosion resistance. Based on years of experience in producing galvanized window screens. The first kind of galvanized screen is slightly better in corrosion resistance, but the flatness of the mesh surface is not good, and some of the galvanized screens are not evenly galvanized, which affects the weaving of the screen. Uneven mesh holes and uneven wire diameter are some phenomena. The mesh surface is neatly woven and then galvanized after passing the inspection. This kind of mesh surface is more flat, and its corrosion resistance is also okay. We can say this. The corrosion resistance of the two types is roughly the same.


Galvanized window screens must be mentioned as galvanized. It is a surface treatment generally divided into cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing. Cold galvanizing, also called electro galvanizing, is the use of electrolytic equipment will be pipe fittings after degreasing, pickling, after the composition of the zinc salt solution, and connected to the negative electrolytic equipment, the opposite side of the pipe fittings placed on the zinc plate, connected to the positive electrolytic equipment connected to the power supply, the use of current from the positive to the negative directional movement will be deposited on the pipe fittings a layer of zinc, cold galvanized pipe fittings are processed first after galvanizing. Hot-dip galvanizing is also called zinc dipping and hot-dip galvanizing: it is an effective way of preserving metal and is mainly used on metal structure facilities in various industries. It is done by immersing the descaled steel parts into the melted zinc solution at about 500°C to make a zinc layer attached to the surface of the steel parts, thus serving the purpose of corrosion protection. Hot-dip galvanizing process: Finished pickling - Washing - Adding auxiliary plating solution - Drying - Hanging plating - Cooling - Pharmacizing - Cleaning - Polishing - Hot-dip galvanizing completed. From the process point of view. Hot-dip galvanized window screens have the best anti-corrosion effect. Of course, the production cost is also high.


galvanized Window Screen

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What are the advantages of galvanized window screens?


Galvanized steel window screens are tough, corrosion resistant, easy to clean, not easily deformed, have a long service life, and have the beauty of metallic luster.


The protective effect of galvanized steel window screens is very strong, mainly used for building nets, machine protection, hotels and civil houses to prevent mosquitoes and flies.


galvanized Window Screen


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