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What Are the Benefits of Palisade Fences?

Jul. 07, 2022

Palisade fence in foreign countries has long been known, it came to replace the past large brick walls and some crude fence, so that your living environment profile, bright, fresh. Its charm opportunity comes from people's pursuit of the environment, along with a new building, new family, new decoration, the birth of the new store, Palisade fence application opportunity has come.


Brief introduction

Palisade fence is made of low carbon cold-drawn steel wire, cold-drawn low carbon steel wire, low carbon steel wire as raw material woven and welded and bent, specification 1.8m high, 2.5m wide. And the corresponding anti-corrosion treatment: electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, plastic spraying, plastic dipping and stainless steel wire, etc.. Especially the plastic coated (PVC) steel wire European style fence is inexpensive and durable. Durable. Strong corrosion resistance, shelf life of up to 10 years.


What Are the Benefits of Palisade Fences?


The benefits of Palisade fence

Palisade fencing is widely used because it offers a wide range of benefits to those who use it. palisade fencing is used all over the world in areas such as schools, airports, railroads and data centers, as well as in various industrial locations.
Let's break down some of the most unique benefits that Palisade fencing offers.



Palisade fences are popular for their ability to protect property and land, and even the ancient Greeks and Romans were seen building fences around their camps and forts. However, fences have come a long way since the wooden fences used in those ancient empires have been upgraded to galvanized steel.
This treated steel combined with the fence design is what makes Palisade fencing the preferred solution for securing your perimeter.


What Are the Benefits of Palisade Fences?


Adaptability and Durability

Palisade adapts naturally to the contours of the ground during installation. Our high security fences can handle sloping ground up to 33 degrees without cutting compartments or making modifications such as building steps.
A key benefit of Palisade fencing is its durability; Palisade fencing is made of high quality mild steel, hot-dipped galvanized, and is expected to last an average of more than 25 years.
The protective zinc coating that ZERUN uses on its fences protects the steel from corrosion and can be enhanced with a polyester powder coating to achieve any color finish.



Palisade fences are made using often-reinforced, strong steel fences with spikes that deter attempted break-ins because attackers can see how difficult it is to get in. The Palisade fence is designed to look intimidating, with sharp edges and tips to deter climbing.
To make the fence difficult to climb, your Palisade fence should be tall and have no footholds. When you use the high security variant of the Palisade fence, these fences become tighter, creating less space to gain footholds.
To make Palisade fences harder to climb, you can add additional tops, such as Y- or T-shaped extensions with barbed or wire mesh. This makes the fence more intimidating and is considered more difficult to climb.


What Are the Benefits of Palisade Fences?


Product Specifications

Palisade is widely used around the world, and hopefully it is now clear why. From its intimidating appearance to its impressive security credentials, the fence is the preferred choice for deterrent and high security fencing. ZERUN can manufacture and customize Palisade fences to customer specifications. In addition to its standard security features, you can add optional features to further increase the security level of your fence.

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