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Photovoltaic Fence Installation Specification

Aug. 31, 2022

PV power station fence is also called PV power station fence, PV fence, PV field fence, PV protective isolation fence. It is used to prevent other people or objects from causing damage to the PV facilities within the protective fence to avoid unnecessary economic losses. PV fence is made of metal wire welded into a mesh, and then the mesh is fixed by the column, so that the PV facilities will be enclosed and play a good protective role. There are three common styles of PV fencing, from low to high price: bilateral wire type, frame type and bending type PV fencing.


PV power station fence installation points.


1, photovoltaic power station fence network in the installation to accurately grasp the information of various facilities, especially buried in the roadbed in the accurate location of various pipelines, in the construction process does not allow any damage to underground facilities.


2, then to the photovoltaic power station fence fence column into too deep, shall not pull out the column to correct, need to re-rammed its foundation and then play, or adjust the column position. Construction close to the depth should pay attention to control the hammering strength.


3, photovoltaic power station fence network if installed on the highway bridge to install the flange, pay attention to the positioning of the flange and column top elevation control.


4, photovoltaic power station fence network if the bilateral fence network as anti-collision fence use, the appearance of the product quality depends on the construction process, the construction should pay attention to the construction preparation and piling machine combination, and constantly sum up experience, strengthen the construction management, the installation quality of the fence can be guaranteed.


PVC BRC Roll Top Fence


5, when the mesh and column used are delivered to the site, the supervising engineer has the right to sample all the parts to test whether the specifications are correct, missing and damaged, the obvious deformation, rolled edge, scratches should be required to remove from the field.


6, in the construction of the foundation of the column, the construction unit should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of the drawings to align the centerline of the foundation, and the necessary site leveling, cleaning, to ensure that the line after the completion of the installation of beautiful, straight and smooth. Before the column is stabilized, the size of the chassis, as well as the spacing between the chassis, must be inspected and approved by the supervising engineer, before the expansion screws are driven into the fixed.


7, the installation process must ensure the stability of the column, and the foundation of a tight connection, if necessary, can be installed to support to stabilize the column. Column installation process should be small line to install the straightness of the column to test, the local adjustment. Ensure that the straight section is straight and the curved section is round and smooth. After the construction of the column is completed, the supervising engineer should test the line and height of the column, and the stability of the connection with the foundation. After meeting the requirements, only then can the construction of the hanging mesh be carried out.


8, the mesh must be firmly connected with the column, and the mesh surface should be smooth after installation, without obvious warping and convexity. After the construction of anti-tossing net, the relevant personnel should inspect the quality and installation effect of anti-tossing net.


The welded mesh panels of ZERUN PVC BRC roll top fence have rings at the top and bottom edges of the panels. Posts with plastic caps are attached to the panels while maintaining high rigidity. Few accessories with expansion screws for easy installation.


Photovoltaic Fence Installation Specification

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