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Hesco Barrier Reacts Quickly to External Threats

Jun. 28, 2022

The Hesco Barrier was originally used to control flooding and erosion on beaches and marshes. More recently, it is often used for military purposes. The quick installation and rigid construction ensure that temporary or semi-permanent dikes or barriers are protected from explosions or small arms.

Hesco Barrier Reacts Quickly to External Threats


Advantages of heseco barriers

Unlike ordinary welded gabions, hesco barriers can be filled with soil, sand or gravel. This means that raw materials are very easy to obtain and are particularly suitable for sand-rich coastal areas. Usually, a front-end loader is used to fill the container.

Fast protection

Operating in a volatile environment means it is vital that you can build defensive structures quickly and efficiently.
Our Hesco barriers allow you to deploy over 1,000 feet of units in less than 60 seconds, and you can have proper and complete protection in minutes. Many of our units are recyclable, so you can clean up just as easily as when you deploy. This also means that defense is cost-effective and your environmental impact is significantly reduced.


Hesco barriers are available in green as a standard color for each unit. These units are available in a variety of heights and widths to provide protection against a wide range of threats, including vehicles.
The geotextile-lined barriers are supplied in a recoverable form so you can quickly release the fill by simply removing the pins.


Hesco Barrier Reacts Quickly to External Threats


Hesco Barrier Construction

Similar to a beehive, the Hesco barrier consists of an external welded gabion and an internal fabric liner. Its contents consist of soil, sand or small stones. The line can be yellow, grass green or other colors that blend in with the surroundings.


Hesco Barrier Installation

Open the collapsible wire mesh container from the package.
Unfold the barrier and attach it to reach the design length
Fill the container with soil, sand or gravel A common machine is a front-end loader.
Compress contents
Add layers, if desired.


Hesco Barrier Reacts Quickly to External Threats


Hesco Barrier Application

Military wall hesco barriers are mainly used in military and flood control for its modular structure and quick setup. For military, a gabion Hesco with 24 For military, a gabion Hesco with 24 inches thickness can stop rifle bullets, shell fragments and other shrapnel. While for flood protection, gabion Hesco can be assembled soonest and come into use.


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