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Introduction of Four Different Types of Wire Fencing

Sep. 03, 2021

When it comes to the construction of wire fences, there are many types to choose from, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Find the right material for your project and keep your property safe by learning about the different types of wire fencing and related information that ZERUN has to share with you.

Vinyl Coated Wire

Vinyl coated wire fencing is available in black or green as a standard colour. It is a fence that has been welded or woven and then coated with a vinyl coating. Vinyl coated fencing looks great and lasts a long time because the wire is protected by the galvanised coating and the vinyl. This type of fencing is often installed around playgrounds and swimming pools to protect children.

Welded wire fencing

Welded wire fencing is formed from square or rectangular pieces of metal wire in horizontal and vertical configurations. These wires are then joined to each other by a technique called spot welding to form a strong fence that will remain upright if damaged, but is less flexible than traditional woven wire fencing.

Woven wire

This is a common fence around playgrounds, fenced backyards and commercial areas. Woven wire fencing is created by weaving metal wire together. A common example of a woven wire fence is the chain link fence. It features a loose structure and is very flexible when stretched and bent. As all the wires are interwoven, if one wire is cut, the whole fence will begin to disintegrate.

chain link

Barbed wire fences

Barbed wire is made of steel and is mainly used to control cattle and livestock. It is a twisted wire and differs from traditional woven wire in that the wires are twisted together rather than being joined to each other. On a section of barbed wire there are barbs at regular intervals. Hence the name. Animals that try to break through the barbed wire feel pain from the sharp barbs. It is now used on walls and floors to deter thieves and keep homes safe.

There are more other meshes that I have not mentioned. If you would like to find out more and buy them, feel free to contact us, we have anti-climb fencing, wire fencing, mesh fencing panels and other wire products.

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