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Features and Benefits of Gabion Mesh Box

Jun. 22, 2022

The gabion mesh is made of high corrosion resistance, high strength, ductile low carbon steel wire or PVC coated steel wire woven with machinery. Today ZERUN shows you some features and benefits of gabion mesh.


Features and Benefits of Gabion Mesh Box


Features and Benefits of Gabion Mesh Box



Gabion mesh can be used for slope support, pit support, mountain rock face hanging net spraying, slope vegetation (greening), railroad highway isolation barrier net, it can also be made into box cage, net mat, used for river, dam and sea pond anti-scouring protection, reservoir, river interception with net box. The most serious disaster of rivers is that the water scours the river banks and damages them, causing flooding, resulting in a lot of loss of life and property and a lot of soil erosion. Therefore, when dealing with the above problems, the application of the ecological grid structure becomes one of the good solutions, which can make the riverbed and riverbank get long time protection.

1. The flexible structure can adapt to the changes of the slope without being destroyed, and has better safety and stability than the rigid structure.

2. stronger scouring resistance, able to withstand water velocity up to 6m/s.

3. The gabion net has strong inclusiveness to the natural action of groundwater and filtration, and the suspended matter and silt in the water can be settled in the rock-fill joints, which is conducive to the growth of natural plants.


Features and Benefits of Gabion Mesh Box


Features and Benefits of Gabion Mesh Box



The ecological gabion box process has four advantages.

First, the construction is easy. The ecological gabion box process only requires the stones to be packed into the cage and sealed, and no special technology or water or electricity is needed.

Second, the cost is low, ecological gabion box per square meter cost is very low. It won't cost too much.

Third, the landscape is good. The combination of engineering measures and plant measures adopted by the ecological gabion box process can effectively prevent soil erosion, the landscape effect is fast and the landscape effect is more natural and richer.

Fourth, long service life, ecological gabion box process life up to decades, and generally do not need to repair. We also have Hesco Barrier for sale and welcome your inquiries.


Features and Benefits of Gabion Mesh Box



The uses of gabion box are as follows.

1、Reinforcement of river banks. The cage used to reinforce the river bank is generally located on the inner side of the dam, mainly used in places where the river flow is relatively turbulent. Instead of directly scouring the riverbank to reduce the damage to the riverbank.

2、Guide the river water. The river usually flows along the inherent channel, and the river can have a naturally formed curved channel. If a flood occurs, the volume of water is huge and the flow is rapid, the water tends to flow straight under the effect of inertia. This will have a violent impact on the original river channel and dams, and may change the river channel, thus causing a huge disaster.

3、Growing plants. A layer of soil on the gabion box can grow grass; natural dust will be deposited and weeds will grow naturally. It can reduce soil erosion and beautify the environment.

4、Channel canal bed. The construction of canals involves the stability of side slopes and riverbeds. Therefore, the choice of ecological grid structure is the main method used in many natural rivers transformation and artificial canal excavation in the past hundred years.

5、Bank protection and slope protection. Ecogrid structure is a very successful example in river bank protection and its slope foot protection, which gives full play to the advantages of ecogrid and achieves the ideal effect that cannot be achieved by other methods.

6、Gabion wire mesh can also be used for chicken, duck, zoo fence, highway fence, road green belt fence, stadium fence, etc.


Features and Benefits of Gabion Mesh Box


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