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Anti-climbing Fence Types and Range of Uses

Sep. 17, 2022

There are many types of anti-climbing fences, so what are the types of these? I wonder if you friends understand this issue? What do you know about this product? Here please follow Zerun to learn more about it!


anti-climbing fences


There are three main types of anti-climbing fences:


1. Spiral razor wire:

Spiral razor barbed wire, also known as concertina wire, is divided into two types: but all razor barbed wire and spiral cross razor barbed wire, but all razor barbed wire does not need to use the card, in accordance with the natural form of its unfolding to install. Spiral cross-type razor blade barbed wire is really two razor blade barbed wire between the stainless steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet strong clamping, after the unfolding of the integration of cross-loading, beautiful and has a certain deterrent effect.


2. Flat razor wire: 

Flat razor wire is a single-loop razor wire pressed flat into a plate, or two single-loop razor wire pressed flat and crossed together, beautiful appearance and practical, can be used with linear razor wire mainly for community, warehouse, livestock farm, farm, mine, prison and other security fence protection.


3. Linear razor barbed wire:

Linear razor barbed wire is made of razor wire into a fence type of protection fence.


anti-climbing fences


The use of anti-climbing fence barbed wire


Anti-climbing fence barbed wire is mainly used in guard houses, prisons, factories, schools to raise the height. Anti-climbing fence barbed wire is generally galvanized barbed wire and stainless steel rolled barbed wire, the top of the fence installed barbed wire both to increase the height of the fence, but also to prevent intruders from climbing, with the effect of isolation. General fence installation of anti-climbing barbed wire material depends on the requirements of the installation unit, such as ordinary community fence installation, high speed rail barbed wire roll cage, the airport and most of the choice of hot-dip galvanized roller barbed wire, the cost is relatively low, but also can play the effect of anti-climbing isolation. Such as nuclear power plant fences, natural gas stations and other high level of protection, and the need for beautiful visual effect of the plant generally choose stainless steel 304 or 316 material roller mesh, in addition is like prisons, detention centers, troops and other places with particularly high requirements is also the choice of stainless steel barbed wire roller mesh.


anti-climbing fences


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