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A Fence Can Solve a Lot of Problems for You!

Sep. 02, 2022

Fences are everywhere in our lives, and the role played by these fences varies. With the development of time, the fence guardrail material also more and more, the following follow Zerun (a professional production of metal fences and wire mesh suppliers) to understand these!


What is the role of the fence?


1. Security protection


Safety and protection is the biggest function of the guardrail, more than 80% of the guardrail on the market have this function. The most common guardrail can reflect the safety and protection function of the guardrail balcony guardrail, staircase guardrail, window guardrail, etc..


Anti Climb Fence

Anti Climb Fence


2. Isolation


With isolation (separation) role of the guardrail is also more, such as fence guardrail, lawn guardrail, green guardrail, road traffic guardrail, railroad guardrail, municipal guardrail, urban public facilities guardrail, etc..


3. Orientation


General guidance role of the guardrail, commonly used in roads, airports, stations, shopping malls, etc..


Chain Link Mesh Fence

Chain Link Mesh Fence


4. Warning


Warning role of the guardrail is most commonly used in engineering construction, public facilities maintenance, etc.


5. Anti-collision


With the role of anti-collision function guardrail, commonly used in roads, highways, municipal traffic, etc.


6. Decoration


With the role of decorative guardrail, more common in parks, attractions, courtyards and other locations, in general with decorative role of the guardrail will also have a separating role.


Metal Picket Fence

Metal Picket Fence


What are the common guardrail materials?


1. Solid wood


Solid wood fence is more common in everyday life, the use of very convenient. The whole gives a generous, stable visual experience, in a small house, villa or leap floor is more common one, is not recommended for outdoor use, can not withstand the wind and rain, over time easy to dry crack, decay, deformation.


2. Glass material


Glass is also a very good material the material is also more common, but at home or not commonly used, mostly in shopping malls or public places, the advantage is that it can make the stairs become more fashionable, the important thing is easy to take care of, cleaning.


3. Stainless steel material


Stainless steel is also a very good material, various places can be seen in its figure, such as public places, home decoration, its advantage is light, long life, not only in public places common stainless steel stair railings, at home can often be seen.


CHS Crowd Barrier

CHS Crowd Barrier


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